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DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT be fooled by this 'n.., 07-14-2011 03:03PM

By: Sheri Crawford

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT be fooled by this 'nice guy'!!!

Approximately four years ago he told me I had three cavities that needed to be addressed. I queried him about that assessment because my home dental hygiene is excellent and I don't eat candy or chew gum. I surprisingly asked him, "What, I have cavities?!?!?"

He simply nodded and slyly said, "You do." While he nodded in the affirmative, inside I was shaking my head no, I don't.

It's easy to be fooled by his casual attire and demeanor; it can make one feel like you're dealing with a regular guy next door. The work he does do is good, BUT, I've got a mouth full of crowns that [in retrospect] probably were never needed, though well done! And, $1,000s of dollars later, out of pocket!

I went to another dentist about a year ago who told me I had no cavities, that my teeth were fine. My feeling about Barry Weber when he told me I had three cavities was right. Today I went to yet another dentist I carefully researched and chose, and again was told that I had no cavities.

Based on my experience with Dr. Weber, I would never consider going to him ever again; what a disappointment in the extreme.

Dentists take an oath similar to the oath a physician takes. Part of that oath is to " no harm..." Again, very disappointing. Unnecessary procedures are good for the dentist ($$$), not the patient.

don't be fooled by the casual hawaiian shirts.., 02-01-2011 11:33AM

By: Kelly McKnight

don't be fooled by the casual hawaiian shirts and friendly demeanor.- - am pretty sure this one sells way too many crowns than necessary. had been going to him for a number of years and got several 'nice' crowns, but in retrospect, did i need them? during my last visit with dr. weber, he told me i had a few cavities. somehow i didn't believe that and checked it out with another d.d.s. and i didn't have ANY cavities. barry k. weber got bit by the $$$ bug!

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