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I had my childrens teeth done there this past mont.., 04-22-2009 03:36PM

By: lydia

I had my childrens teeth done there this past month. I was quoted a price in november, when i came to get work done on spring break it was tripled. When my kids were under I asked the recept. for total of work, she said we needed to wait til work was done. when the work was done one kid was complete and the other needed to come back because dr. a didnt know if she could finish. so as the recept is now trying to explain prices and the kids are hollering and saying how hungry they are. mind you we had been there since 8am and our dr. a didnt show til 10am and it is now 3:30. Anyway next visit same kid at the end of visit another sedation charge. Private insurance is maxed for the year any visits here on out is out of pocket. Dr for state says the prices were at the max that a dentist could charge for these services.

I received my first quote from Dr. A in November a.., 04-22-2009 03:19PM

By: lydia

I received my first quote from Dr. A in November and when I went back to get work done on both kids over Spring Break the Prices had tripled. When we showed for the work the kids were put under, when I asked to go over the bill at that time I was told to wait til all work was done in case something came up or changed. Okay. One kid she felt couldnt be finished in one day and needed to come back and the other was finished. By now the medication has worn off and they are crying to go home so I slide my card and leave, this is when I am told that I will have an additional sedation chg on next visit for same child.I say that because i paid 250 for each child to be sedated and i dont mean with a needle in their arm. The second visit with same child had an xtra tooth, okay being that im not a dentist I trust you know what your talking about. at the end of visit i come out of pocket again, my private insurance is maxed out.I kept the first quotes with her signature and the following ones when I tried to get clarification I got the runaround. I was told to wait for bookkeeper, then the Office Manager, then the actual "Dentist" who owned the business. I liked her work, I did not like the way it was handled. Another dentist said the prices were the max for the work and she couldve went in the middle. this was a dentist that works for the state.

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