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This practice has absolutely no regard for its pat.., 09-11-2013 04:35PM

By: Igal Tadjiev

This practice has absolutely no regard for its patients and their time. I have designated this office with Cigna because they are one of a handful of practices in my local area who accept Cigna DHMO. As I developed an excruciating pain in one of my molars, I called to make an appointment. On the day of my initial appointment, I have arrived 15 minutes early; 10:45AM. I was finally seen by Dr. Sharma at 12:15PM. As she took a look at my troublesome tooth and its x-rays, she began to explain to me that she won't be able to help me right there and then and will have to refer me to an oral surgeon who will have to cut my gums open in order to determine whether that tooth will qualify for a root-canal and a crown. Otherwise, if I would like to get rid of the pain immediately, she would have to extract the tooth and recommended replacing it with an implant. She said she was giving me options and wanted to know what my choice would be. As soon as I heard her ask me what I think she should do, I asked for another dentist thinking that, “what doctor or dentist asks his/her patients what action should be taken for a treatment of a particular condition, as specially the kind involving pain?" Thereafter, another doctor, Dr Vlada, came in and looked at my x-rays and right away said that the tooth looks fine and after quoting me my Co-Pays and making me sign the expense agreement proceeded to do the root canal. She injected my gums a couple of times with anesthetic and went on to file down my upper left 13th tooth. When she finished, Dr. Vlada left me in the care of her assistant and made herself available to other patients, who were probably going through a similar experience of waiting around to be taken care of. While she was gone, her assistant fumbled around with taking several more x-rays, taking putty impressions of my left upper jaw and creating a temporary crown. Finally, after several failed attempts, the temporary crown was fitted. By then it was 3:30 in the afternoon and I had missed my next daily engagement. I was astonished but since such a bad pain was gone I became forgiving about how long it took to complete the whole initial root canal procedure. I could not believe I was in that office for 4 and ½ hours. Two weeks later, I had to go back to get my permanent crown fitted. No one from the office called to confirm my appointment. I had to call myself to make sure that they knew I was coming and my appointment was at 12:30PM. I came in at exactly 12:00 noon and saw Dr. Vlada arrive at around 12:20PM. I thought now that she came, I will be called in to get my crown installed. Instead, I had to approach the front desk at 12:45PM and alert them to the fact that my appointment was at 12:30PM. I was called in at around 1:10PM and asked to sit in the chair in one of the rooms. I said thank you and sat down in the dental chair. I sat waiting for about a half hour before deciding to say something to the staff members

Extremely unprofessional .. I sat for over an hou.., 05-15-2013 10:41AM

By: Gina sass

Extremely unprofessional .. I sat for over an hour while staff was walking in and to smoke .. They stink of smoke while working in you . Don't know how this place isn't closed down !! Horrible!! Go anywhere but here !!

Unprofessional and rude dentist!! He speaks too lo.., 08-17-2010 02:32PM

By: Kendall Miller

Unprofessional and rude dentist!! He speaks too low and it's very difficult to understand him (Russian accent - I have no problems with Russians either)!! It doesn't appear he likes his job much. Some of the dental hygienists are rude as well - not gentle in their cleaning and not nice. Receptionist okay.

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