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I went in August 2011 to order a pair of retainers.., 05-01-2012 07:45PM

By: krystine Roldan

I went in August 2011 to order a pair of retainers i was originally told that since it was my first replacement they would be 75.00 each. I went in on the day of my appointment and they said it was actually 350 and they were sorry about the mixup. They rescheduled my appointment and the earliest they had was one month later. September comes i show up to my appointment and they "accidently scheduled me for the regular dentist instead of ortho. I reschduled my appointment for november and had my mold made. They said they would call in 4-6 weeks. About 2 months later I called and they said they didnt have it yet. In March 5 months after i had the mold made i called and they had no answer about my retainer other than the supervisor will contact me and they never did.. I eventually went in after my phone calls were ignored. I went in and they said the supervisor wasnt in and were extremly rude as if i did something wrong.. I kept on and started calling everyday till i recieved an email stating that they would send me a refund in 4-6 weeks.. It is now May 1 2012 and still nothing..When i emailed back she said "I did my part and that was to send the request, what corporate does is out of my hands you can contact them.They left no contact number and have not emailed me back.I spent 350 and 9 months for a retainer..Ridiculous customer service. I cant believe a company so big that ive spent thousands on would treat a valued customer like this.

Smilecare Family Dentistry
Fairfield, Ca. 94533.....
, 09-15-2011 04:09PM

By: Gary A. Phipps

Smilecare Family Dentistry
Fairfield, Ca. 94533.....1955 W. Texas St.

The expeience I've had with Smilecare Dental Group and all the other aliases they use, to be blunt, has been trying and frustrating.

The company owes me over two thousand dollars since the end of March 2011. I have been given every delayiing tactic in the books by the "so-called" office manager.

The local office acknowledges the refund due but has been less than vigorous in fulfilling the action!

My experience has also been horrific from the dental side:
1- a denture was provided that could not be used by an animal let alone a human.
While biting into food it would uninsert itself causing me to reinsert it ,with food in my mouth in order to continue eating. To insert this device it takes the two index fingers!
2- I've since discovered I have dental problems that were not observed by the Smilecare dentist.
3- The cleaning was an absolute joke! It was a hit and miss job at best!

This work began November 2010 and ended March 2011.
I returned the denture, as requested by the office manager and submitted a request for a refund April 6, 2011.

I'm aware that there is some kind of change in ownership of Smilecare and Coastal Dental.

I will not go away! If needed I intend to make Smilecare/ Coastal Dental very infamous. The office manager in Fairfield should be let go...he's a shyster as I'm beginning to think as is the whole operation.
Oh yes, the dentist has since quit..Ms. Mantena

One very unhappy customer,


Absolutely no good. If you want chaos, mass produc.., 06-13-2011 11:33PM

By: Kevin White

Absolutely no good. If you want chaos, mass production, extensive waiting times, overbooking, poor communication amongst front office/staff, contracted dentistry, and just a headache then look no further.

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