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The work I received from Dr. Benstock completely s.., 08-04-2011 08:31AM

By: Kelsey Burrell

The work I received from Dr. Benstock completely screwed up the way I eat, probably for the rest of my life.
The worst pain I have experienced in my life was at the hands of Dr. Benstock.
Dr. Benstock insisted I get x-rays while I was pregnant, and I had to argue with him in order to not get one.

I went in for 3 fillings, and the cavities needed to be scraped out, drilled, and filled. During the scraping part on one of my teeth, the novocaine wore off, and it HURT. He reapplied the topical novocaine, and it WORE OFF AGAIN during the drilling part. It was the worst pain I have ever felt, and a traumatic experience. He just reapplied the novocaine again, like it happened all the time or something.

That tooth was filled, and gave me pain every time I bit down on anything. I talked to him on the phone, and he said he would have to smooth the filling out, because it was probably sticking up in places.
He drilled it down, the whole time with me crying (because of the last time he had a drill in my mouth), and IT STILL HURTS when I eat, two years later.

Dr. Benstock gave my mouth trauma, and I have had to rearrange the
whole way I eat and chew food because of it.


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