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If I could give 0 or negative stars, I would. I ca.., 12-27-2014 03:39PM

By: Ivan

If I could give 0 or negative stars, I would. I came here after my wife was given a flyer ( I later found out this was at the local swapmeet). They say they can offer cheap rates, but these are for cash payments, your insurance pays full price.

My personal bad incident is when I went for my 2nd and last procedure. I informed them the previous time that I was swapping employers and my insurance would only be valid till the end of the month. They agreed and said they would take care of everything. I get a call a week into the new month from them stating that I owe them ~$72 dollars, due to THEIR clerical error and not charging the insurance.

I went on to clarify this and even asked to speak to the office manager, who reassured that she would take care of it.

It was not till a year later while doing my yearly credit report that I see that they sent off the $72 to collections.

Add to it the fact that my new dentist stated that there was no need to do some of the work that they did, especially given the application ( using epoxy filling due to the aesthetics, even though it is not recommended by the manufacturer in a high stress area).


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