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VERY BAD. DO NOT RECOMMEND! It took me numerous .., 01-12-2016 10:11AM


VERY BAD. DO NOT RECOMMEND! It took me numerous repeated calls to get an appointment. I left many messages and they never returned my call. The last message I threatened to contact their boss and then someone actually called me back to schedule my appt. It took several weeks to get an appt scheduled! They cleaned my teeth but then wanted to take X-rays and could not tell me the cost. I asked could we call the insurance to find out if covered or not and they refused. Every comment made was to tell me that was my responsibility. I told them I could call the insurance but what should I ask them and they could not answer that question either. They were ZERO help! I would NOT recommend USING PERSON FAMILY DENTAL CENTER.... my specific situation was with the Yanceyville office. The lady at the front desk was named Tricia (patricia) and she was very rude and made several negative, condescending comments about me and the situation. She made the comments loud enough for everyone to hear. This lady has NO BUSINESS DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC. She should be fired and not hired for any position dealing with the public. I will NOT use that dentist office again and highly discourage anyone from using them. This one person (Tricia) was the same lady who would not call me back to schedule the appt initially. She is absolutely hurting business at that facility. I mentioned while there I need my dentist to help me understand my insurance as it's confusing. I don't know the lingo, only go twice a year for cleanings and rarely need other services. I mentioned they deal with dental insurance daily and would understand it better than I and her only response was you will have to figure that out Mr. Clayton. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THAT OFFICE! Tricia/Patricia the lady working the front desk as the Yanceyville office should be fired! She was rude and a smart ass. It's appalling to think this is a federally funded office. I will proceed with contacting as many people as possible to share this unpleasant experience with.

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