Penobscot Community Dental Clinic

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  • 1012 Union Street
    Bangor, ME 4401
    United States
  • Phone: (207)992-2152
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I went to this clinic with a bad toothache and was.., 05-19-2012 09:56AM

By: Nancy Glista

I went to this clinic with a bad toothache and was given papers to fill out and told I could see the dentist in about an hour. After waiting 1 1/2 hours, was told that my appointment was 4 days from then! That the new receptionist "hadn't noticed" that the appt. was not that day! Needless to say I will never go back there.

I had an appointment at PCDC for a tooth extractio.., 04-13-2012 03:50AM

By: Destiny Hosmer

I had an appointment at PCDC for a tooth extraction on 4-12-12. The dentist I saw never introduced himself, he was completely rude, I'm in a lot of pain ( way more than any other extraction Ive ever had, and believe me Ive had plenty), he was really rough with me and now I have a few spots where he "slipped" and ripped open my gums! I have never had an appointment like that in my life! I was crying during the procedure and all he kept saying was "hold your head still", "lift your chin up" and "you're fine"! I left bawling my eyes out because I had never been treated like that before, especially by a so called "Professional"! If you don't have a good bedside manner, then maybe you should rethink your career choice!!! My family and I will never go back there! His attitude was completely uncalled for and inappropriate! My mouth is so torn up that I can't even open it enough to put a fork or spoon in? So, my point is......if you are thinking about going to Penobscot Community Dental Center on Union Street in Bangor, Maine, maybe you should check out more options!!! I would not want to see anyone go through what I did!

1st they charged me $107 for Behavior management f.., 01-11-2012 11:03AM

By: Eric Clark

1st they charged me $107 for Behavior management for my 3yr old son who cried and wanted to go home after they made him wait 30 min. in the exam room waiting for the dentist. This was on top of the $80 charge for the evaluation cost that did not take place because of me waisting their time cause my son was crying after waiting 30 min. for them.

2nd at a different time, they charged me $56 for a consultation to go over the fact that I did not want to pay for Crowns on my other childs baby teeth (my daughter). They put me in a room, had me sit down and then two standing Dentists tried to explain to me why my choice was wrong, both intimidating me and trying to make me feel stupid. In the end I took my children to someone else.
Don't take your children to theses people!!

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