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I need to warn people about this dentist. He told .., 03-08-2010 05:22PM

By: Jack Browne

I need to warn people about this dentist. He told me that I had a cavity (even though I have never had one in my life) and had me arrange for an appointment for a filling.
Something seemed fishy, so I never went back. 2 1/2 years later, I went to another dentist who took full-mouth x-rays and confirmed that I never had any cavities!
This total fraud would have destroyed a healthy tooth for pure profit. God only knows how many innocent teeth he has destroyed in the name of the Almighty Dollar. The vanity plate in his back parking lot says it all: KVTY FLR. He even uses it proudly as his business name!
I have written to 800-DENTIST who originally referred me to him, the ADA, CDA, and the Inland Empire Dental Society.
Since 800-DENTIST continues to keep him on their roster because he pays them to do so, the only power I have is to warn the public so they won't lose healthy teeth like I almost did.

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