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Packard Dental doctors and their assistants are ve.., 04-07-2015 03:03PM

By: John Nicholas

Packard Dental doctors and their assistants are very good. Don't get me wrong they do a good job. It is their office staff which is horrible. They are the worst sort and I believe none of them talk to each other about what is said to patients. My wife was seen there, and then due to her issues farmed out to a oral surgeon who Packard staff stated they had confirmed took my insurance. Yet they really in actuality didn't. After the procedure I received a giant bill and called on it. I asked about the bill and was told, they hadn't submitted it to insurance, and to wait to have it sent back. When my wife went in to follow up on it, their office manager, demanded my wife set up a payment arrangement. So my wife did for a set amount. Mind you, they still hadn't done anything with insurance, as they claimed there was no insurance information on file, which was a lie. My wife does the payment arrangement, does not authorize them to take more than the agreed amount and not to auto withdraw it. What does this lovely gem of human being do, she withdraws three times the amount agreed and then fights with us for more than a week and a half to get the money back as she was not allowed to take. Then she pursues an additional payment without our permission a couple weeks later, and when it didn't clear she tacks on the non sufficient fund fee to the bill. These people are rude, inefficient and personally why I believe they need to be fired. I have attempted to reach out to them without success. Now because they continue to attempt to take money at times not agreed to, we will likely end up in court. They don't provide the itemized bill information and talk down to you. Avoid this dentist as best you can. They are the worst.

Packard Dental advised me that they would be willi.., 04-30-2011 03:07PM

By: Joshua P

Packard Dental advised me that they would be willing to work with me on making payments when I first went due to the amount of work I needed and the low amount my insurance covers. I have been making monthly payments to them since then on time to pay down the balance. I recently had to schedule an appointment to have a tooth worked on and they set it up fine. They even called back the next day to confirm the appointment. When I came in they proceeded to tell me that they would not see me until have paid down the balance completely and that if I didn't raise the amount of my payments exponentially each month that they would just send me to collections instead since they don't make payment arrangements.

First off, they clearly are giving me clashing information by saying that they don't make payment arrangements with customers since they said that would be fine when I first started going. Second, they made me waste my own time and hard earned money by having me take time off from work to make the appointment when they could have advised me this over the phone. They lied to me, clearly don't think my time is any near as valuable as theirs are, and were downright rude to me in the process. I have payed off the amount due to them completely and would not go back there due to the way I have been treated. I can honestly say I wouldn't recommend this dentist to anyone I know.

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