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I must say, when I first entered this office for m.., 04-06-2013 12:45AM

By: very unhappy

I must say, when I first entered this office for my first dental exam in 4 years, I was very anxious. Dr Do and the staff were exceptionally courteous, and did their best to put me at ease. After an exam and some xrays, Dr Do concluded that I needed 6 fillings, 4 crowns, 2 wisdom teeth removed, and a scaling. This was quite more than I had bargained for, but I wanted the job done completely and right the first time, and he personally assured me,"You will be 100% satisfied with my work, no matter what it takes." I took the man at his word. I did not know that would mean more than half a dozen more visits and still left horribly unsatisfied.

I elected for all of the work to be done at once, just to get it over with. I had wanted to keep my wisdom teeth and said as much, but the first (and worst) was tossed anyway. When I saw the technician cleaning the tray, I asked again,"Did you keep my tooth?" Despite digging in the trash, she was unable to find it. I'm not quite sure where it would have gone, but she claimed to be unable to find it. Boom. Gone.

The second extraction resulted in a piece of bone sticking out of my gum, which I have since been attempting to dislodge myself (I was told it would reabsorb but it has not thus far). When the crowns came back two weeks later, Dr Do placed the first one on, and it was awful. There was no contour in it whatsoever. Completely shapeless on top and protruding way too far out on the sides. Before it was ever cemented in, I told him,"This does *NOT* feel right. If they are all like this, don't put them in because it does not fit right." He basically glazed over my comment and said,"Well, they feel strange at first but you'll get used to it," and put them all in anyway.

5 visits and 6 weeks later, the teeth are still *EXTREMELY* sensitive (which was NOT an issue before he touched them) and they still don't fit right. I asked him to have them remade so that they actually resembled the teeth they replaced, and his reply was,"I think that would be a waste because functionally there is nothing wrong with them." That's like saying having a hook is functionally the same thing as having a hand. It isn't even close.

It cost me nearly $6000 (all out of pocket, mind you) and I paid him in full before the work was completed. He keeps backing out on actually fulfilling his end of the deal. If you need a cleaning, this dentist is fine. But if you really want a cosmetic dentist to do the job right and give you crowns that are actually like your true teeth and not just porcelain blobs, please go elsewhere and avoid a nightmare like I've had. You have been warned.

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