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Family has been going to this office for well over.., 04-11-2011 03:21PM

By: Pissed Parent

Family has been going to this office for well over 6 years and have had no problems until our 3 year old went in for a third time to replace resin. Dentist was telling her to "stop it" in frustration when she would cry. He then proceeded to ask my husband if he could speak to her alone...and ofcourse my husband was not under any circumstances gonna allow him to be in a room alone with our now petrified child....he was talked to by his superiors but was not asked to be replaced on his baby came home crying saying she was scared of the mean man who kept yelling at my daughter has a horrible filling job on her front teeth with a decaying look from the dried blood from her visit...and i must mention that the resin wasnt even filed correctly so it looks like something is stuck on her tooth....she had a beautiful smile prior to this and now is scared to go back...I spoke with the person in charge after I received the phone call of how my baby was treated and the response I got was that they traditionally dont like to work on children....they could have told us this before treating my daughter this way.....needless to say we will not be i had no other problems with any other dentist there....just this new male dentist they consider to have a harsh tone but normal in how he talks

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