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Dr. Eisenberg worked on me about 3 years ago to pu.., 05-10-2009 07:18PM

By: Andy Park

Dr. Eisenberg worked on me about 3 years ago to put in a crown after a root canal. Dr. Eisenberg put in ceramic crown. I've used Dr. Eisenberg as primary dental care for next 20 or so months until company I worked for went out of business. Then I found a new company 3~4 months later in NJ.

I started my new job and did not get a chance to visit a dental office for about 6-7 months. When I did visit it was due to discomfort and a bubble forming in my gums.

New dentist informed me that crown I have is too big and its irritating my gums hence causing infection (bubble). He recommend I get apicoectomy to try to get rid of the bubble but told me I'll need to remove the crown soon after that. Otherwise crown will just continue to irritate and I'll have infection again in matter of time.

I did not like the new dentist or trusted him so I went to get a second and a third opinion from a general dentist and an oral surgeon. Second and third opinion was the same. Crown was too big, caused infection. Recommend that I do apico before it gets worse, and then take out the crown and get a new one in that's the right size.

So for 20 months or so I been seeing this dentist. He did not once mention that my crown is too big and it'll need rework. I do not trust this dentist or recommend him to anyone.

Please avoid him. Thank you.

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