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My dental exam went fine- I had a perfect check-up.., 11-07-2008 02:39PM

By: Marie N.

My dental exam went fine- I had a perfect check-up and I thought the dentist was nice enough, and also gentle. Then I mentioned briefly that I was not in any discomfort, but that food sometimes sticks in between two of my top teeth near a filling and can he take another look.
Well, then this sales guy comes in with a list of potential procedures to do and - lo and behold, my insurance is "good" and the best option is $600 and involves cutting away half the tooth and putting on an overlay. A perfect check-up to a $600 bill?
I asked if they could just redo the filling. The smarmy sales guy leaves, talks with the dentist in the other room, comes back and says that yes, they can redo the filling but then the problem may just happen again.
I saw another dentist and they were happy to simply redo the filling, as it had mildly cracked because it was one of those white resin fillings. That kind of thing happens all the time and it's a quick fix.
Suffice to say, nice try. It was around the holidays so I suspect they just wanted me to help finance his winter vacation. I don't think so- Don’t let them take advantage of you, and don't go to this place!

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