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I called the office for a appointment. I asked if.., 02-02-2011 11:37AM

By: Hope Sanderson

I called the office for a appointment. I asked if they have any problems completing AFLAC forms. I was told no problem and I was suppose to speak to the office manager when I arrived.
When I got there I was told they would not complete the form, but I could copy it from their receipt and complete it myself. I called my agent and he tried to explain. She said that they would not complete the form and the doctor would not sign the form either.
I tried to explain to her how it worked but she was so rude and nasty she wouldn't even listen.
Many years ago I had used this office but I stopped going because they gave me a procedure plan that was over $4,000.00.

I was blown away so I went for a second opinion, and found that I needed a root canal and two crowns.

They were nasty then too.

I told myself, then never to go back, but when my favorite doctor no longer took Cigna I though I would give a try. Dr. Freeman not only fixed the poor work they had done at Kosdon's office but was able to work with me when the money got tight. I sure miss him.

I do not recommend Lombard Dental, ASSOCIATES.

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