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Worst dentist ever! He ruined my teeth forever. I .., 05-31-2012 12:29PM

By: Worst experience

Worst dentist ever! He ruined my teeth forever. I went to his office for a dentist treatment because everyone said he had low rates but it was the worst mistake. The braces wire he put in my mouth wasn't even braces wire. He removed three teeth out of my mouth that wasn't even necessary said I had "buck teeth" which I only had a mild overbite. Also put a CHILDS lingual bracket on me that was only put on there to milk my insurance because it was unnecessary! What would have been a 12month process will now be a 26month process to try to cover the huge gaps he left in my mouth. My teeth will never be the same thanks to this man. And I'm only speaking about his malpractice because his office is discussing all his equipment is yellow he doesn't even work on his patients he has his assistants do everything because he's only there twice a week and his rude receptionists overbook their appointments so they have you waiting MINIMUM AN HOUR before you actually get help.

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