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My review is really much more for Dr. Bruce Crispi.., 12-02-2009 05:43AM

By: A Pita

My review is really much more for Dr. Bruce Crispin's daughter, Kristi Crispin, D.D.S.

They run a school for teaching dentists cosmetic dentistry. Their offices, equipment and on-site laboratory are state of the art and spotless. Very impressive. My interview with Dr. Kristi Crispin was very personal and professional and I felt 100% satisfied and confident in her abilities to do what needed to be done.

I went through a multivisit procedure to be able to participate in their discount program as a patient for their students. This amounted to approximately $16,000 to $20,000 worth of veneers, bridgework and general dentistry for less than $6,000, but work being done by a dentist learning to do this work under the supervision and guidance of Drs Crispin(2), Kristi and Bruce.

I was in the very final stage of getting ready to be assigned a dentist when I had multiple major run-ins over the phone with the clinic's financial services "director" who seemed to believe I did not have the money for the work AND, worse, chased me around trying to get me to sign a ridiculous document waiving all my rights to complain about whatever they might do to me if I began the program. I HAVE HIS E-MAILS TO PROVE THIS.

I don't think the Crispins know about this ass on their otherwise impeccable staff, but someone should tell them.

END RESULT: I kept my money and got my house painted instead of the dental work... because of THIS JERK.

I give the Crispins 5 stars... evenso, this employee cost them MY business and I don't know how many other patients have walked away because of the lousy attitude of this guy. He seemed to especially dislike my being an older woman.

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