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My worst experience ever in any professional busin.., 03-19-2013 10:48AM

By: stanley garrison

My worst experience ever in any professional business in any field. Very rude with and extremely argumentative about them not making mistakes. I went for a crown(my third one), so I do know the process. On my first visit my face was covered in cement and upon leaving I was left unaware that my face had several large sploches of white crown cement
(it acted like thick latex paint) all over it. So 30mins. later I call back because I now can't even get it off of my face. They insisted that warm water and a rag would take it off and when I called back to inform them that it was not comming off they acted as if I had done wrong by not going to the bathroom or not washing my hands.Seriously, is it my job to know that they made a mess on my face. Why insist you did nothing wrong and imply I did? The plastic temporary crown broke over half of the way across when he tried to push it down in place. Without any prefit checking he came in with the cement already in the plastic and stuck it on. When it broke he had no intentions of spending another minute making another correctly. So of course my temporary did not last two weeks until my next appt. Again with arguments I was assured that temporarys come off all of the time. Not so in my previuos proceedures. Who does not understand BROKE will not last? After several attempts at communication I realized that their objective was absolutely not to make me satisfied at all. On returning for the permanent crown the office help tried to force me to pay in full before they would see me. I found this hard to understand considering that the crown could have been diffective in a number of ways, and is insisting on payment before services even American? The two women employed there both argued at me that they are just doing what their told, and even said that some people do get their services and then walk out. Treated me like a criminal, not a customer, and certainly not a patient. At one point the doctor(Dan Vickers) attempted to imply that he didn't have to complete my proceedure, as if to intemidate me and avoid addressing the problems created by himself and his terrible staff. I hope this saves someone from a most terrible Dr. visit ever. Nobody getting paig for services should be so rude, argumentative, and arrogant as these people in Commerce Dental Center...

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