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I left feeling very confused and frustrated. They .., 06-18-2013 06:45PM

By: Kathy Smith

I left feeling very confused and frustrated. They refused to do anything unless I agreed to have unnecessary work done. SCAM!!!!! I walked out when I was told I have great teeth, then that I need "deep cleaning and extra dental visits" (all money out of my pocket). Having been to the dentist since 5 yrs old every six months with only two cavities and not once had any of the 3 dentists I have been to in my lifetime even suggest deep cleaning!!! I have some plaque build up but I can even take care of it myself with toothpick so I call BS when this place told my they would need to numb my gums in order to clean my teeth!

I would not recommend going here especially if you.., 09-27-2012 12:03PM

By: C.Lo.

I would not recommend going here especially if you have any kind of fear or anxiety toward dentist and dental procedures, They DO NOT CARE! I went in hoping to get a cleaning a the (as always) bad news on work that would have to be done (I've had bad teeth since childhood due to a rare issue). After taking xrays and filing out paper work, this jerk of a dentist comes in telling me I need teeth replaced and a deep cleaning. Then they send me a billing specialist (or so I figure). I have ins. so when she told me my co-pay for the deep cleaning and the price per tooth I flat out told her, nope I can't afford all that (hoping for some other options or even to be offered to be put on a payment plan). Her suggestion was that I change my ins. to a PPO. WTF? I never did get any kind of cleaning (which you think they would have offered), I know I needed a deep cleaning, but when I said I couldn't afford one, why was I not at least offered a basic cleaning? My ins. covers that and I was there. so again WTF? I feel like I was treated like someone who was lining there wallets and not a human being trying to set things right, dental wise. It had been 4 yrs since my last dental visit due to asshat dentists like this. I wouldn't go back to this dentist if my teeth were falling out. I will be talking to my ins about reassigning me a different dentist.

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