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  • 4060 Peachtree Road Northeast Suite H
    Atlanta, GA 30319
    United States
  • Phone: (404)261-0260
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I was appalled at his lack of hygiene. He never w.., 04-05-2011 05:19AM

By: K Jamison

I was appalled at his lack of hygiene. He never washed his hands (thank goodness he wore gloves) and he never wore a mask. As I was reclined in the chair with my mouth open, I could see sprays of his saliva floating in the air. He went and saw another patient who need a rx for acyclovir then came back and saw me but again, never washed his hands. The water and drill nozzles were still attached from the previous visit - either that or they are always there.

I moved to Atlanta from Chicago and time was ticki.., 12-19-2009 10:20AM

By: Douglas Astrike

I moved to Atlanta from Chicago and time was ticking before the end of the year to get my dental cleaning done. Flying back to Chicago was not an option, so scouted out a new dentist. Looking around Buckhead and Brookhaven, I was actively searching.

My work offers up Aetna PPO, and finding one was cumbersome with a list of 100 within Atlanta. I looked up several on Yelp and saw horrible reviews of many of them. Brookhaven was close to my residence, and I thought I would start calling around.

I called the Brookhaven Dental, they could get me in sometime in April. ! That seemed a little insane, so I called Brookhaven Dental Associates. DON'T get it confused with Brookhaven Dental Care! The reception person was extremely friendly and was able to get me in on Saturday (called on Thursday). Wanting to save me time and frustration, she emailed me all of the forms needed before I walked in the door. I had only one item to sign when I arrived, the good old Privacy Act.

The office is very clean, modern on the inside, and all of the staff, from Reception, Hygienist, assistance and dentist were top notch in service, both the dental work and customer service. I called to see if I could come early, was not an option, but received a call back that said to come on in. Great to get stuff done early!

They care about customer service, have a very warm environment, and I overheard the dentist working with other customers, delivering great service. The Hygienist was one of the BEST I've ever been to, and she uses this particular dentist, where she only works at on Saturdays.

Overall, GREAT experience, painless, and I actually am not hesitant on going back.

While they may not have the TVs to watch, when I go to the dentist, I prefer to get out quicker, then knowing that I will be delayed enough to watch TV. They had everything available on computers, a green office environment is a good plus. I am a little biased because 2 of the staff members are Beagle owners.

GREAT dentist, easy to get in, very professional, .., 12-19-2009 09:59AM

By: Douglas Astrike

GREAT dentist, easy to get in, very professional, highly recommend to anyone in need of a Dentist in Buckhead or Brookhaven.

All the great technology, best hygienist I've ever experienced! Very personable and attentive staff.

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