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So I've been to this place a total of 4 times.., 10-24-2011 09:05PM

By: Elaine C

So I've been to this place a total of 4 times, twice for teeth cleaning, once for wisdom teeth removal and once for stitch removal.

First teeth cleaning was a walk in and they took me in 30 minutes, it was fast and I was surprised and happy with the service - they didn't use fluoride after the cleaning.

Second teeth cleaning I made an appointment, was asked to come early so I arrived 15 minutes before my appt time and was forced to wait over an hour to be seen. I was told nothing while I was sitting until I asked what happened and the staff told me "they had a later lunch..sorry". Got my teeth cleaning - again no fluoride. The dentist who cleaned me told me that I should get my wisdom teeth removed because it was highly likely that they were going to decay, so I thought about it and set up the appt to see their oral surgeon.
Side Note: I called in the day after making the appointment to try and get the doctor's full name to see online reviews on him but the receptionist was unable to provide his first really? you have an oral surgeon on staff and you don't know his full name? Later I found out his name was Dr.Din Lam

Wisdom teeth removal day was what you would expect, kindda painful and scary. Dr. Lam gave me a rundown on what to expect, pros cons, ect. Kept me nicely medicated and pain free, and removed the wisdom teeth fairly quick. He only had to stitch one part out of the 4 removed teeth. The stitches were black. From what I hear from other's who've had this procedure - normally the stitches should have dissolved naturally but these had to be removed manually by a dentist. After going back to the waiting area I anesthesia to wear off, they gave me an ice pack. When I was leaving they demanded their ice pack back..... they were SO CHEAP! Like really? No fluoride, no ice pack, no self dissolving stitches, rusted looking equipment.

It was a complete mistake to give this place a second chance and now I'm totally suffering for it. On top all of this, my health insurance company called me... to tell me that they(Bright Dental) f***ed up on their paperwork, what does this mean? My health insurance declined to pay for one of the teeth removed. So my health insurance company called Bright Dental trying to get the issue resolved but they have yet to fix it.

What truly sucks is that IF (god forbid) I have any complications from the procedure I am forced to go back to them because they were the ones that performed it. DAMMIT!

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