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Dr. Bang was my childrens' dentist for over 1.., 09-09-2011 03:56PM

By: disappointed 2011

Dr. Bang was my childrens' dentist for over 1 year. Originally I was very happy with the services there. When I returned for yearly check-ups their policy had changed regarding how many people could go into the back area. No one notified me of the change prior to being called back, so I didn't have time to make arrangements for another adult to accompany me, & I didn't want to leave either child alone. I offered to go somewhere else & the front desk attendant said she would accommodate me & let me in the back with 2 children, just this once. My oldest child was placed in the chair & I was asked to stand in the hall while x-rays were completed. I obliged. While in the hallway Dr. Bang spoke to me in a very angry manner saying there was absolutely no reason I should be in the hallway while x-rays were being done. I tried to explain what had transpired prior to me going in back but he raised his voice saying the policy had changed & that was it I needed to leave the back area. (Meanwhile the child that was already in the chair had had a bad experience at another dental office where they restrained her without my consent because she wouldn't sit still. I was worried about her welfare.) So I went to leave the back area anyway & Dr. Bang passed me & started yelling at his desk nurse asking if she said I could go in the back with 2 kids. She said yes & also tried to explain but the dentist yelled that he didn't care what she said, the policy was changed. I told him I understood, but perhaps someone could have told me prior to my arrival. Long story short, after a 5 minute verbal arguement the doctor ended up yellling in front of a fully crowded waiting room for me to "take my Medi-Cal elsewhere" - as if to put me down for being low income. I don't have Medi-Cal for insurance. The whole time my child was left sitting in the dental chair by herself, then the assistant escorted her out. We left with my daughter holding my hand saying "mommy, why are we leaving now? I didn't even get to pick out a toy" & my other daughter saying "mommy, my turn." My eldest was very upset & once again traumatized by the dentist, & I was completely in shock to be treated discriminatory & unprofessionally by a dentist I highly praised before & recommended to everyone looking for a childrens' dentist. Come to find out he broke a HIPPA law by yelling out my medical information in front of a crowded waiting room.

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