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I have had only negative experiences with this den.., 03-16-2009 09:19AM

By: Duran

I have had only negative experiences with this dentist. They do good work but they are very crooked when it comes to finances.
FIRST VISIT: They sat me inthe chair and proceeded to take X-Rays and the usual dentist visit stuff but when I started asking about anything that had to do with financial obligations, such as: "How much will this cost me. I want to know before you do anything." They answered with: "I don't know right now, but we'll start the work and then we can let you know later."
That was acceptable for me because my insurance was taking care of it. BUT, I needed an upper denture to be done and I asked about 7 times on how much out of pocket it would cost me. They didn't have an answer, then they still took an impression, to create the denture, plus they actually ordered it without my consent. I kept asking how much, how much.... All they said was I don't know yet. THEN, they told me $600.
After my continued questioning, and receiving bills from them and my insurance company, they finally gave me a price of $250. I gave them $50.00 down and they gave me a reciept that I only owed $200.00, but now once again, they are insisting that I pay $600.00.
Also, since the beginning, they have told me numerous times that they would CALL ME to let me know when to come in. They have never called me, except once to tell me how much I owed them. Then when I call and they tell me it's okay to come in to see the Dentist, they tell me he is not in.
This is ridiculous. DON'T GO THERE!

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