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I have been visiting this office for 2 years and t.., 04-25-2010 09:30PM

By: Kelly

I have been visiting this office for 2 years and the last time I was there the office changed so much! It’s very cozy and clean with the latest technology, new computers, flat screen TV’s, and intraoral cameras. What I liked the most: anything the doctor diagnoses he shows it to you on the big screen and explains it to you, so you could see and understand it yourself. They have a hygiene department, where hygienists spend a lot of time cleaning your teeth. The doctor is very nice and gentle, so gentle, in fact, that I almost fell asleep while he was replacing my old metal (amalgam) filling to the new white one. BTW, the office is mercury free, no more amalgams. I never felt so comfortable in any Dentist’s office before, like in this office ;-)

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