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Let me tell you of a dental experience that I had .., 07-11-2013 01:45PM

By: Jimmy

Let me tell you of a dental experience that I had never had in the 57 years of my life… Just moved to the Lakeside, CA. area with my significant other recently… And once settled we decided that it was time to find a local dentist to care for your teeth… We searched the internet for hours and found Arnold Cutler D.D.S., Inc. of Gentle Dentistry located at 9927 Channel Road Lakeside, CA. 92040. We read all the reviews and found that his patients real liked his clinic… So we decided to call and make an appointment… Well, let me tell you that I wasn’t expecting the type of service we received… It all started with signing in with the receptionist, I believe her name is Kathy, who was very pleasant and called us by our names as she greeted us and it was our first time there, must have been our new faces and the closeness of our appointment time, but it was nice all the same… She assisted us with all our paper work in a professional manner and really made us feel comfortable… I was call into the back for my cleaning and x-rays… There I was met by Kelly, and again what a very pleasant and professional person… We talk to get to know one another and I felt at ease since I don’t particularly like going to a dental office… She explained everything that was going to happen while I was in her chair and some of what was going to happen once I got to see Dr. Cutler… She cleaned my teeth and I was very happy and told her so because I have close contacts and when she flossed my teeth she didn’t snap the floss through the gums which I dread the most… Now let me tell you about the x-rays… I’m retired from the Air Force and have been to many dental clinics, but I have never seen the modern equipment that Dr. Cutler’s office has… It’s digital and very fast and I mean instant processing, you see your images right away… which in the long run shortens your total time there… Once that was completed I was called into another office where I was met by Jan, Dr. Cutler’s assistant, and once again another very pleasant and professional person… We exchanged pleasantries and found out we were high school rivals and graduated in the same year… Dr. Cutler then introduced himself and explained what was going to happen and telling me about the new technique’s that he will apply while I was in his chair… One of those techniques was gum line measurements; I’ve never had that done… The other was the use of a small camera that showed what was happening to each and every tooth… What an eye opener… He then took digital photos of my entire mouth both opened and closed… He then explained that with all the data he collected, it will give all of us the most comprehensive way to treat our dental needs… Wow! Now you’re probably thinking that with all of this high tech and comprehensive study, it’s going to cost an arm and at least one of your toes, but it’s not… You see I’m on a fixed income without insurance since th

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