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I was patient of this Dentist for a long time with.., 09-22-2010 11:08AM

By: Worst Experience

I was patient of this Dentist for a long time without incident, and I was very pleased and happy whenever I went and left there. Check-ups where thorough and quick and Dr. Grant was a very nice person. Then somewhere along the way, instead of seeing Dr. Grant, they would have some new Dr. conduct my check-ups. The first new Dr. I saw was simply rude. It was like he was having a bad day so he would let you know how poorly of a job you were doing at brushing and flossing. I then told the receptionist to please only schedule me for Dr. Grant because I did not wish to see the other one anymore, and she did as I asked and for the next couple of years, things were fine. Then on my last check-up with them, I had another Dr. again. I don't know if his practice is getting more money by doing this because it seems like they help new dentists get residency or something. Maybe like an internship, get someone to work for free and that person gets experience.

I'm not a huge fan of the Sonic-Pic they use to clean off plaque. It uses a high powered jet stream of water to blast plaque off. I don't like it because it hurts and the sound it makes around my skull when the stream hits my teeth gives me headaches. Also, the water spraying on my face isn't a pleasant feeling either. Before I would simply bare with it because I knew it was for my own good. I have always had swollen gums since I could remember. No matter how many times I floss per day. It wouldn't change.

Well, on my last check-up, I saw a new Dr. and it seemed that I was her very first patient and she was going to use me as a case study. She was thorough to the point where I started to look at my watch. Then the cleaning began. She used the Sonic-Pick to clean the plaque from the bottom of my medulla oblongata via my mouth. I've never been in so much pain to bring me to tears. It was to the point where I had to shove her from me and tell her to stop. She then proceeded to put a mirror in front of my face to show me what she was doing, but all I could see was blood. Then make me feel that it was my fault that I was bleeding so much because of having swollen gums.

I stormed out then told the receptionist that I had specifically told them that I wanted only to see Dr. Grant and none of those "Newbies." The receptionist, proceeded to use sarcasm as if talking to a child, "Aww, I'm sorry. Poor baby!" I threw my copay at her and walked out.

I then told my parents about it because they go to the same practice, and immediately my mother complained. They wanted to schedule another appointment that day seeing Dr. Grant, but I had already enough trauma for the day and most likely my life.

It's been over a year, and I still have a fear of the dentist because of that place. I've had braces and teeth pulled out, but nothing scares me more than the Sonic-Pick they use. My visits to the dentist used to be a pleasure, and they used to make me smil

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