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Found this dentist through 1-800 dentists.
Dr. Bah..
, 07-08-2010 12:28PM


Found this dentist through 1-800 dentists.
Dr. Bahu looked in my mouth and began telling me that my gum was infected due to lack of proper cleaning. I then explained to him that the problem started on the inside of my gum below the tooth with sore spots and eventually something hard and sharp protruding through. He didn't take the opportunity to further examin that area and just made some comment about infection seeking the shortest path out and maybe it was a piece of bone or something. He left and an office asst. came in to tell me about the recommended procedure and cost - a $200 cleaning. I passed on that, they would not just quote me for the affected tooth. So when I refused to accept their treatment and asked if I could get a perscription for an antibiotic, I was told that there would be an additional charge for that of $59! They wanted me to pay $59 on top of the $125 for exam and x-ray. Outragous! This dentists is more concerned with maximizing revenue than providing patient care. I would reccomend going elsewhere. The two little pieces of bone or whatever it was eventually worked their way out and everything is fine now, no thanks to Dr. Bahu

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